Motor Hull Insurance


Your vehicle, is now one of the essential goods of your daily life. You have the freedom of going anywhere whenever you want. It is a fact that it simplifies your life whatever its brand is. We developed different solutions for different requirements and we prepared very special products for you. Now, you can have your own vehicle with most appropriate guarantees, in providing security for you and for the persons in your life.

Guarantees provided by our Product;

  • Collision by your vehicle or by another vehicle
  • Stolen of your vehicle
  • Fire of your vehicle
  • Damages on your vehicle because of strike, lockout, disorder, social events, malicious acts and terrorist activities
  • Damages on your vehicle because of earthquake, landslides , storms, hail, lightning or volcanic eruption
  • Damages on your vehicle because of flood
  • Damages on your vehicle as a result of towing your vehicle by unauthorized persons
  • Damages on your vehicle as result of smoking and similar substances other than fire
  • Damages on your vehicle because of rodents and other animals identified in the contract in annex
  • Payment of whole your damage without asking an additional premium
  • Help Activities
  • Payment of damages on third individuals not included by your insurance
  • Death or permanent disability of you or a person in your car as a result of accident
  • Legal costs as a result of legal disagreements because of the accidents of your cars
  • Payment of actual prices of the parts damaged during the accident
  • Key loss
  • Stolen of the vehicle with key

Nota: Guarantees and limits varies according to your insurance policy.

Additional guarantees that you can ask for your vehicle:

  • Payment of turnkey price of your car instead of second hand price according to way of usage of your car
  • Payment of treatment of the persons in your car as a result of an accident
  • Exemption / Joint Insurance (damage contributions)
  • Guarantee for the protection no-claim discount
  • Additional foreign country guarantee of your vehicle insurance which is valid only in Republic of Turkey borders.


  • Payment by 8 rates over the cash price with the negotiated credit cards
  • Payment of replacement cost in case of completely unusable condition of your 0 km vehicle.
  • By the help of Sompo Japan Special Repair Service, during the policy term, small-scale damages on your vehicle are repaired with special repair techniques within the limits defined in your policy, in keeping no-claim discount of your policy and without damaging the authenticity of your vehicle.
  • The attorney's fees, prosecutors, law enforcement costs as a result of legal disputes because of your utilization of your vehicle are covered .
  • Do not worry about burst of tire, out of gas or malfunction of your vehicle, you can get help 7days/ 24 hours by calling 0850 250 81 81.
  • Your vehicle is under guarantee even if your key is lost.
  • 100% subrogation damages certified by reports, one radio tape, one glass breakage does not affect your no-claim discount.
  • If you'd like a small contribution in case of damage, you should have a discount on policy premiums.
  • Your vehicle is repaired without any charge if you bring it to one of our negotiated services across all over the country.
  • You can follow your claim report online by customer websites.
  • Special discounts are applied for professional groups.