Elit Emergency Health Insurance


Sompo Japan Guarantee is near you in Emergency Cases!

This is a health insurance offers guarantee in “emergency” conditions identified by World Health Organization; and in the conditions occurred as a result of unexpected illness, accident or injury which has a risk of life if intervention is not applied.

With Elite Health Insurance, you can pay all covered emergency hospital costs without paying any additional fees within the limits and you can have information 24/7 about your health problems from medical advice line which offers special serving for yourself . Also, within the limits, you are under guarantee in abroad!

Which expenses are covered by Elit Emergency Health Insurance

  • Operation Costs
  • Hospital Treatment Costs
  • Intensive Care Costs
  • Emergency Ambulance and Medical Counseling Services

Operation Costs

Operation cost occurred as a result of risks identified insurance policy is covered by the Insurance.

Hospital Treatment Costs

Hospitalization Costs (except operation costs) as a result of conditions which require hospitalization.

Intensive Care Costs

Daily expenses of insured person during the time she/he passes in ICU are covered by Insurance. Emergency Ambulance and Medical Counseling Service By the Emergency Health Service; you can benefit from ambulance services during the emergency cases unlimited for one year and you can have medical counsel service 24/7 for every type of health problems by specialist doctors.

Who can Benefit from Emergency Health Insurance?

All the customers between 18-65 years old can benefit from our product.

Other Advantages of Emergency Health Insurance;

  • You can benefit from 5% to 40% discounts in 1650 negotiated corporate of 54 provinces and special discounts in negotiated institutions for both health care services and drug-cosmetic products.
  • A large network of negotiated health care provider in Turkey.
  • Discount opportunity in Turkey's leading healthcare providers.
  • Possibility of treatment in all negotiated health institutions without hospital classification.



Operation Costs


Hospital Treatment Costs

Intensive Care Costs

Emergency Ambulance


Medical Counselor Service


Note: Guarantees and limits can vary according to your policy.